MP3/WMAなどを変換するフリーソフトウェア – Free Audio Converter

Free Audio Converter は mp3, wav, m4a, aac, wma, ogg, flac, ape に対応したフォーマット変換ソフトウェア。Windows7/Vista/XPに対応しているフリーソフトウェア。


Supported OS:

Windows XP/Vista/7
Free Audio Converter converts different audio file formats, including mp3, wav, m4a, aac, wma, ogg, flac, ape.

Each format is provided with a corresponding profile kit and a preset editor in order to make a personalized preset. So you can create new presets, delete and edit the old ones (change the current parameters).

Free Audio Converter goes with both a single and a batch mode support.

Free Audio Converter contains no spyware or adware. It’s clearly free and absolutely safe to install and run.